RAFU - An African Story


A story about friendship - awarded with the silver medal at the Purple Dragonfly Book Award 2020

With illustrations by Paulina Böger

The eBook RAFU by Verena Prym and Paulina Böger is available everywhere where eBooks are available. Rafu's story is also available in a print version. For further information visit www.rafu.info or contact Instagram at rafus_world.

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A very long time ago, giraffes and crocodiles lived peacefully together under the African sun. But Rafu and his giraffe friends can only dream of this, because the greedy crocodile Gutsor spreads fear and terror. They almost lose hope for the peace of old times, but an unexpected encounter changes everything ...

The book tells the story of a giraffe who, thanks to his friendship with a small crocodile, uncovers an important secret about a cave and thus paves the way for the longed-for peace between crocodiles and giraffes. Exciting and touching, with many also award-winning illustrations by Paulina Böger.

The story is set in the bush country of Africa, the sunny continent of wild animals and the cradle of mankind. Thousands of years ago, the first Bushmen recorded their stories in cave drawings, some of which can still be admired in museums and nature. It is on these legendary paintings that the story of Rafu is based, revealing a significant secret surrounding such a cave drawing and thus becoming an ambassador for peace.

The book combines an old African legend with a modern friendship story. The belief in higher things is presented as something good, as is the deep desire to live in peace. This book is suitable for children from 6 years on.

Enjoy reading!

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